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 A synthesis of research needs for improving the understanding of atmospheric mercury cycling 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 

2017,17, 9133–9144 

Zhang L., Lyman S., Mao H., Lin C-J., Gay D.A., Wang S., Gustin M.S. Feng X.B., Wania F., 

Accurate and precise determination of lead isotope composition in selected geochemical reference materials 

Acta Geochimica 


Wu Guangliang; Zhu Jianming; Tan Decan; Han Guilin; Zhang Lixing; Ren Kun. ; ; ; ; ;  

Adsorption and Stabilization of Lead during Fe(II)-catalyzed Phase Transformation of Ferrihydrite 



Liu Chengshuai; Li Fangbai; Chen Manjia; Liao Changzhong; Tong Hui; Hua Jian 

 Resources and extraction of gallium: A review 


2017; 174: 105-115  

Lu FH, Xiao TF*, Lin J, Ning ZP, Long Q, Xiao LH, Huang F, Wang WK, Xiao QX, Lan XL, Chen HY 

 The effects of aquaculture on mercury distribution, changing speciation and bioaccumulation in a reservoir ecosystem. 

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 

2017, 24:25923–25932 

Liang P., Feng X.B*., You Q., Gao X., Xu J., Wong M-H., Wu S 

Occurrence and mobility of toxic elements in coals from endemic fluorosis areas in the Three Gorges Region, SW China 

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 

2017; 144: 1-10 

Xiong Y, Xiao TF*, Liu YZ, Zhu JM, Ning ZP, Xiao QX 

“Old” carbon entering the South China Sea from the carbonate-rich Pearl River Basin 

Applied Geochemistry  

201778: 96-104.  

Liu Z*, Zhao M, Yang R, Sun H, Chen B, Yang M, Zeng Q, Zeng H 

Airesea exchange and gaseparticle partitioning of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons over the northwestern Pacific Ocean: Role of East Asian

continental outflow 

Environmental Pollution 

230 (2017) 444-452 

Zilan Wu a, Tian Lin b, *, Zhongxia Li a, Yuqing Jiang a, Yuanyuan Li a, Xiaohong Yao c, Huiwang Gao c, Zhigang Guo a, ** 

Air-water CO2 flux in an algae bloom year for Lake Hongfeng, Southwest China: Implications for the carbon cycle of global inland waters 

Acta Geochimica 

2017; 36, (4): 658-666 

Tao F.-X. 

AMS 14C dating of the hominin archaeological site Chuandong Cave in Guizhou Province, southwestern China 

Quaternary International 


Min Zhao Guan-Jun Shen Jia-Ning He Bo Cao Hong-Chun Li * 

Analysis of some metallic elements and metalloids composition and relationships in parasol mushroom Macrolepiota procera. 

 Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 

2017,24: 15528-15537 

Falandysz J*., Sapkota A., Dryzalowska A., Medyk M., Feng, X. 

Anomalous mercury enrichment in Early Cambrian black shales of South China: Mercury isotopes indicate a seawater source 

Chemical Geology 

2017, 467: 159-167 

Yin R. S*., Xu L.G., Lehmann B., Lepak R. F., Hurley J. P., Mao J. W., Feng X.B., Hu R.Z 

Application of Circular Bubble Plume Diffusers to Restore Water Quality in a Sub-Deep Reservoir. 

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 

2017, 14(11) 

Chen Lan, Jingan Chen *, Jingfu Wang, Jianyang Guo, Jia Yu, Pingping Yu,

Haiquan Yang and Yong Liu 

Atmospheric deposition and air-sea gas exchange fluxes of DDT and HCH in the Yangtze River Estuary, East China Sea 

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 


Zhongxia Li1, Tian Lin2 , Yuanyuan Li1, Yuqing Jiang1, and Zhigang Guo1 

Atmospheric mercury speciation dynamics at the high-altitude Pic du Midi Observatory, southern France 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 

2016; 16, (9): 5623-5639 

Fu X W*, Marusczak N, Heimburger L E, Sauvage B, Gheusi F, Prestbo E. M, Sonke J E* 

Barium concentrations and speciation in surface waters collected from an active barium mining area in Guizhou Province, southwestern China. 

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 

DOI 10.1007/s11356-017-0963-5 

Lu Q, Xu X, Xu Z, Liang L, Shang L, Xiao D, Zhang S, Jiang Y, Qiu G* 

Behavior of rare earth elements in granitic profiles, eastern Tibetan Plateau, China.  

Acta Geochim 

2017, 36(3): 552–555. DOI 10.1007/s11631-017-0234-7 

Cui LF, Zhao Zhi-Qi, Liu C Q, Xu S, Liu T Z, Tu C L, Ding H.  

Biochar concomitantly increases simazine sorption in sandy loam soil and lowers its dissipation 



Cheng, Hongguang; Jones, Davey L.; Hill, Paul; Bastami, Mohd Saufi 

Biochar stimulates the decomposition of simple organic matter and suppresses the decomposition of complex organic matter in a sandy loam soil 



Cheng, Hongguang; Hill, Paul W.; Bastami, Mohd Saufi; Jones, Davey L. 

Biogeochemical Cycle of Mercury in Reservoir Systems in Wujiang River Basin, Southwest China 

Science Press and Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd 


Feng X.et al. 

Biomass Production of Three Biofuel Energy Plants’ Use of a New Carbon Resource by Carbonic Anhydrase in Simulated Karst Soils: Mechanism and Capacity 


2017, 10(9):1370-1384 

Wang Rui, Wu Yanyou*, Xing Deke, Hang Hongtao, Xie Xiaolin, Yang Xiuqun, Zhang Kaiyan, Rao Sen. 

Boron isotope geochemistry of Zigetang Co saline lake sediments, Tibetan Plateau 

Acta Geochimica 

36(3): 437-439 

Wang, X., C. Liu, Z. Zhao, S. Li and G. Wei 

Boron isotope geochemistry of Zigetang Co saline lake sediments, Tibetan Plateau.  

Acta Geochim 

2017,  36(3): 437–439. DOI 10.1007/s11631-017-0185-z.  

Wang X D, Liu C Q, Zhao Zhi-Qi, Li S J, Wei G J. 

Bound PAHs in sediment and its environmental significance 

Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 

2017, 72(4): 530–539 

Guo J., Chen J., Wang J 

Cadmium accumulation in edible flowering cabbages in the Pearl River Delta, China: Critical soil factors and enrichment models 

Environmental Pollution  

233: 880-888 

Chengshuai Liu, Chunying Chang, Yingheng Fei, Fangbai Li, Qi Wang, Guangshu Zhai, Jing Lei 

Carbonate weathering-related carbon sink fluxes under different land uses: A case study from the Shawan Simulation Test Site, Puding, Southwest China 

Chemical Geology 

474(Sp. C): 58-71 

Zeng Q, Liu Z, Chen B, Hu Y, Zeng S, Zeng C, et al.  

Carbonate weathering-related carbon sink fluxes under different land uses: A case study from the Shawan Simulation Test Site, Puding, Southwest China 

Chemical Geology  

2017474: 63-80 

Qingrui Zeng, Zaihua Liu*, Bo Chen, Yundi Hu, Sibo Zeng, Cheng Zeng, Rui Yang, Haibo He, Hui Zhu, Xianli Cai, Jia Chen, Yi Ou 

Changes in the microbial community during repeated anaerobic microbial dechlorination of pentachlorophenol 


28(2-3): 219-230 

Tong H, Chen MJ, Li FB, Liu CS, Liao CZ 

Characteristics of heavy metals in soils under different land use in a typical karst area, Southwest China 

Acta Geochimica 


Tang Yang; Han Guilin. ;  

Characteristics of phosphorus components in surface sediments from a Chinese eutrophic lake new insights from chemical extraction and 31P NMR spectroscopy 

Environ Sci Pollut Res 

24: 23518-23527 

Zhang Runyu, Chen Jingan 

Characteristics, source, and potential ecological risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the Songhua River Basin, Northeast China 

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 

24(20): 17090-17102 

Hu, J., C. Liu, Q. Guo, J. Yang, C. P. Okoli, Y. Lang, Z. Zhao, S. Li, B. Liu and G. Song 

Chronosequencing methanogenic archaea in ancient Longji rice Terraces in China 



Feng, Youzhi; Dolfing, Jan; Guo, Zhiying; Zhang, Jianwei; Zhang, Ganlin; Li, Shijie; Lin, Xiangui 

Coexistence and competition of sulfate-reducing and methanogenic populations in an anaerobic hexadecane-degrading culture 

Biotechnology for Biofuels 

10, 207 

Ting?Ting Ma, Lai?Yan Liu, Jun?Peng Rui, Quan Yuan, Ding?shan Feng, Zheng Zhou, Li?Rong Dai, Wan?Qiu Zeng, Hui Zhang and Lei Cheng 

Combined Quantitative X ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigations of Crystal Evolution in CaO?Al2O3?SiO2?TiO2?ZrO2?Nd2O3?Na2O System 

Crystal Growth Design 

17: 1079–1087 

Changzhong Liao, Chengshuai Liu, Po-Heng Lee, Martin C. Stennett, Neil C. HyattKaimin Shih 

Combined use of radiocarbon and stable carbon isotope to constrain the sources and cycling of particulate organic carbon in a large freshwater lake, China 

Science of the Total Environment 

2018, 625:27-38 

Chen J A*, Yang H Q, Zeng Y, Guo J Y 

Comparative study of elemental mercury flux measurement techniques over a Fennoscandian boreal peatland 

Atmospheric Environment 

2017,172, 16-25. 

Osterwalder, S.*, Sommar, J.*, ?kerblom, S., Jocher, G., Fritsche, J., Nilsson, M. B., Bishop, K., and Alewell, C. 

Comparison of PM2.5 carbonaceous pollutants between an urban site in Shanghai and a background site in a coastal East China Sea island in summer: concentration, composition and sources 

Environmental Science Processes Impacts 

2017, 19, 833–842 

Fengwen Wang, * Tian Lin, Yuanyuan Li, Zhigang Guo, Neil L. Rose 

Concentration, source identifcation, and exposure risk assessment of PM2.5-bound parent PAHs and nitro-PAHs in atmosphere from typical Chinese cities 


7: 10398 

Di Liu1, Tian Lin 2, Jabir Hussain Syed1, Zhineng Cheng1, Yue Xu2, Kechang Li1, Gan Zhang1 Jun Li 1 

Concentrations and isotopic variability of mercury in sulfide minerals from the Jinding Zn-Pb deposit, Southwest China 

Ore Deposit Reviews 

2017, 90:958–969 

Tang Y., Bi X., Yin R., Feng X., Hu R. 

Concentrations and nitrogen isotope compositions of free amino acids in Pinus massoniana (Lamb.) needles of different ages as indicators of atmospheric nitrogen pollution 

Atmospheric Environment 

2017, (164): 348-359 

Xu Y, Xiao H Y* 

Contaminations, sources and health risks of trace metal(loid)s in street dust of a small city impacted by artisanal Zn smelting activities 

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 

2017, 14(9), 961 

Wu T., Bi X., Li Z*., Sun G., Feng X.B., Shang L., Zhang H., He T., Chen J. 

Coupled control of land uses and aquatic biological processes on the diurnal hydrochemical variations in five ponds at the Shawan Karst Test Site: implications for the carbonate weathering-related carbon sink 

Chemical Geology  


Chen B, Yang R, Liu Z*, Sun H, Yan H, Zeng Q, Zeng S, Zeng C 

Cu Isotopic Composition in Surface Environments and in Biological Systems: A Critical Review 

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 

2017,14(5), 538-552 

Wang, Zhuhong Chen, JiubinZhang, Ting 

Depth-resolved microbial community analyses in two contrasting soil cores contaminated by antimony and arsenic 

Environmental Pollution  

2017; 221: 244–255 

Xiao EZ, Krumins V, Xiao TF*, Dong YR, Tang S, Ning ZP, Huang ZY, Sun WM*.  

Distribution and mass inventory of mercury in sediment from the Yangtze

River estuarine-inner shelf of the East China Sea 

Continental Shelf Research 

132 (2017) 29–37 

Wenchuan Liu a, Limin Hu b,c,?, Tian Lin d, Yuanyuan Li a, Zhigang Guo a,?? 

Distribution of rare earth elements of granitic regolith under the influence of climate 

Acta Geochimica 

 36(3): 440-445 

Mao, H., C. Liu, Z. Zhao and J. Yang  

Distribution of rare earth elements of granitic regolith under the influence of climate. , . DOI 10.1007/s11631-017-0186-y. 

Acta Geochim 

2017, 36(3): 440–445 

Mao H R, Liu C Q, Zhao Zhi-Qi, Yang J X 

Ecosystem service delivery in Karst landscapes: anthropogenic perturbation and recovery 

Acta Geochimica 

2017, 36(3): 416–420 

Quine Timothy; Guo Dali; Green Sophie M; Tu Chenglong; Hartley Iain; Zhang Xinyu; Dungait Jennifer; Wen Xuefa 

Effect of biochar addition on short-term N2O and CO2 emissions during repeated drying and wetting of an anthropogenic alluvial soil 



Yang, Fang; Lee, Xinqing; Theng, Benny K. G.; Wang, Bing; Cheng, Jianzhong; Wang, Qian 

Effect of biochar on the bioavailability of difenoconazole and microbial community composition in a pesticide-contaminated soil 

Applied Soil Ecology 

2017, 121, 185–192 

Jianzhong Cheng*, Xinqing Lee, Weichang Gao, Yi Chen, Wenjie Pan, Yuan Tang 

Effect of in-stream physicochemical processes on the seasonal variations in δ13C and δ18O values in laminated travertine deposits in a mountain stream channel 

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta  

2017202: 179-189 

Hao Yan, Zaihua Liu*, Hailong Sun 

Effect of wheat-maize straw return on the fate of nitrate in groundwater in the Huaihe River Basin, China 

Science of The Total Environment 

592: 78-85. 

Li, R., X. Ruan, Y. Bai, T. Ma and C. Liu 

Effects of damming on the distribution and methylation of mercury in Wujiang River, Southwest China.  


2017, 185, 780-788. 

Zhao L., Guo YN., Meng* B., Yao H., Feng * X 

Effects of organic mineral fertiliser on heavy metal migration and potential carbon sink in soils in a karst region 

Acta Geochimica 


Chen Ping; Ruan Yulong; Wang Shijie; Liu Xiuming; Lian Bin. ; ; ; ;  

Effects and underlying mechanisms of damming on carbon and nitrogen cycles and transport in rivers of Southwest China: project introduction 

Acta Geochimica 

2017, 36(4), 577-580 

Xiao Huayun 

Effects of slope position and land use on the stability of aggregate-associated organic carbon in calcareous soils 

Acta Geochimica 


Liu Man; Han Guilin; Li Zichuan; Liu Taoze; Yang Xiaomin; Wu Yuntao; Song Zhaoliang. ; ; ; ; ; ;  

Effects of topography and vegetation on distribution of rare earth elements in calcareous soils 

Acta Geochimica 


Song Zhaoliang; Wu Yuntao; Yang Xiaomin; Xu Zijuan; Liu Linan; Zhang Xiaodong; Hao Qian; Sun Shaobo; Han Guilin; Liu Congqiang. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;  

Assessment of bacterial biomass in the highly contaminated urban Nanming River, Guiyang, SW China 

Acta Geochimica 

2017, 36(4), 638-644 

Xiao Hao,Xiao Huayun,Wu Pan 

Sulfate sources constrained by sulfur and oxygen isotopic compositions in the upper reaches of the Xijiang River, China 

Acta Geochimica 

2017, 36(4), 611-618 

Liu Jing,Li Siliang,Zhong Jun,Zhu Xuetao,Guo Qingjun,Lang Yunchao,Han Xiaokun 

Spatial characters of nutrients in Wujiangdu Reservoir in karst river, SW China 

Acta Geochimica 

2017, 36(4), 605-610 

Zhu Jun,Li Siliang,Wang Yuchun,Yan Haiyu,Liao Limin,Zhong Jun 

Temporal and spatial characteristics of dissolved organic carbon in the Wujiang River,Southwest China 

Acta Geochimica 

2017, 36(4), 598-604 

Peng Xi,Wang Baoli,Zhao Yanchuang 

Damming effects on dissolved inorganic carbon in different kinds of reservoirs in Jialing River, Southwest China 

Acta Geochimica 

2017, 36(4), 581-597 

Cui Gaoyang,Li Xiaodong,Li Qinkai,Huang Jun,Tao Yuele,Li Siqi,Zhang Jun 

Effects of Zn Deficiency and Bicarbonate on the Growth and Photosynthetic Characteristics of Four Plant Species 

PloS One 

2017, 2(1):e0169812 

Zhao K, Wu YY* 

Environmental characteristics and changes of sediment pore water dissolved organic matter in four Chinese lakes 

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 

25(3): 2783-2804 

Mostofa, K. M. G., W. Li, F. Wu, C.-Q. Liu, H. Liao, L. Zeng and M. Xiao 

Evaluating of the spatial heterogeneity of soil loss tolerance and its effects on erosion risk in the carbonate areas of southern China 

Solid Earth 

2017,8(3): 661-9 

Li Yue, Bai Xiao Yong*, Shijie Wang, Qin Luo Yi, Tian Yi Chao, Luo Guang Jie.  

Evaluation of arsenic sorption and mobility in stream sediment and hot spring deposit in three drainages of the Tibetan Plateau 

Applied Geochemistry 

2017; 77: 89-101 

Yinfeng Zhang,  Shehong Li, Lirong Zheng, Jingan Chen, Yan Zheng 

Evaluation of irrigation effects using diluted salted water based on electrophysiological properties of plants 

Journal of Plant Interactions 

 2017, 12(1):219-227 

Qaiser Javed, Yanyou Wu*, Ahmad Azeem,  Ikram Ullah 



2017,75(6): 621-628 

刘承帅, 李芳柏, 陈曼佳, 廖长忠, 童辉, 华健 

Five-year records of Total Mercury Deposition flux at GMOS sites in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 

2017, 17, 2689-2708 

Sprovieri F*., Pirrone N. , Bencardino ., D’Amore F., Angot H., Barbante C., Brunke E-G., Arcega-Cabrera F., Cairns W., Comero S., Diéguez M.,  

Free amino acid concentrations and nitrogen isotope signatures in 

Environmental Pollution 

2017, (221):180-190 

Xu Y, Xiao H Y* 

Gallium isotope fractionation during Ga adsorption on calcite and goethite 

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 

2017223, 350-363 

Wei YuanGiuseppe D. Saldi JiuBin ChenMarino Vetuschi ZuccoliniJean-Louis BirckYujie LiuJacques Schott 

Geochemical characteristics of heavy metal contamination induced by a sudden wastewater discharge from a smelter 

Journal of Geochemical Exploration 

 2017,176: 33-41 

Yuan, Y., M. Xiang, C. Liu and B. K. G. Theng 

Geochemistry of the dissolved loads of the Liao River basin in northeast China under anthropogenic pressure: Chemical weathering and controlling factors 

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 


Hu Ding, Cong-Qiang* Liu, Zhi-QiZhao,Si-Liang Li,Yun-Chao Lang,Xiao-Dong Li,Jian Hu,Bao-Jian Liu 

Geogenic cadmium pollution and potential health risks, with emphasis on black shale 

Journal of Geochemical Exploration 

2017, 176:  42-49 

Liu YZ, Xiao TF, Perkins R, Zhu JM, Zhu ZJ, Xiong Y, Ning ZP.  

Huguangyan Maar Lake (SE China): A solid record of atmospheric mercury pollution history in a non-remote region 

Journal of Asian Earth Science 

2017, 147:1-8 

Zeng Y, Chen J A*. 

Hydrogeochemistry and δ13CDIC and δ18OH2O composition of three Chinese Tibetan Plateau lakes.  

Isotopes in environmental and health studies 

2017 16:1-17. 

Wang X D, Li S J, Liu C Q, Khan M. G. Mostofa, Zhao Z Q, Luo R Q. 

Hydrodynamic characteristics of Wujiangdu Reservoir during the dry seasona case study of a canyon reservoir 

 Acta Geochimica 


Zhang Haitao; Wang Baoli; Han Qiong; Shi Jie; Qiu Xiaolong; Wang Tiejun. ; ; ; ; ;  

Impacts of hydrologic variations on chemical weathering and solute sources in the Min River basin, Himalayan-Tibetan region 



Zhong, Jun; Li, Si-liang; Tao, Faxiang; Ding, Hu; Liu, Jing 

Iron Isotope Fractionation during Fe (II) Oxidation Mediated by the Oxygen-Producing Marine Cyanobacterium Synechococcus PCC 7002 

Environmental Science Technology 

51 (9), 4897-4906 

E. D. Swanner, T. Bayer, W. Wu, L. Hao, M. Obst, A. Sundman, J. M. Byrne, F. M. Michel, I. C. Kleinhanns, A. Kappler?, and R. Schoenberg 

Low net primary productivity of dominant tree species in a karst forest, southwestern China: First evidences from tree ring width and girth increment 

Acta Geochimica 

2017; 36, (3): 482-485 

Ni, J., Xu, H.Y. and Liu, L.B. 

Mercury flow through an Asian rice-based food web.  

Environmental Pollution 

2017; 229: 219-228 

Abeysinghe KS, Qiu G*, Goodale E*, Anderson CWN, Bishop K, Evers DC, Goodale MW, Hintelmann H, Liu S, Mammides C, Quan RC, Wang J, Wu P, Xu X, Yang XD, Feng X. 

Mercury Isotope Signatures of Methylmercury in Rice Samples from the Wanshan Mercury Mining Area, China: Environmental Implications 

Environ. Sci. Technol. 

2017, 51, 12321-12328 

Li P., Du B., Maurice L., Laffont L., Lagane C., Point D., Sonke J., Yin R., Lin C., Feng X 

Mercury risk in poultry in the Wanshan Mercury Mine, China. Environ. Pollut 

Environmental Pollution 

2017.230: 810-816. 

Yin, R., Zhang W., Sun G., Feng Z., Hurley J. P., Yang L., Shang L., Feng X 

Metal Exposure and Associated Health Risk to Human Beings by Street Dust in a Heavily Industrialized City of Hunan Province, Central China. 

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 

2017, 14(3),261 

Sun, G., Li, Z*., Liu, T., Chen J., Wu T., Feng X*. 

Monitoring atmospheric nitrogen pollution in Guiyang (SW China) by contrasting use of Cinnamomum Camphora leaves, branch bark and bark as biomonitors 

Environmental Pollution 

2018, (233):1037-1048 

Xu Y, Xiao H Y*, Guan H, Long C J 

Multi-model study of mercury dispersion in the atmosphere: Atmospheric processes and model evaluation. 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 

2017, 178):5271-529 

Travnikov O*., Angot H., Artaxo P., Bencardino M., Bieser J., D’Amore F., Dastoor A., De Simone F., Diéguez M. del ., Dommergue A., Ebinghaus R., Feng X. B.,  

Multiple Sulfur Isotope Constraints on Sources and Formation Processes of Sulfate in Beijing PM2.5 Aerosol 

Environmental Science Technology  

51 (14), 7794-7803 

Xiaokun Han, Qingjun Guo, Harald Strauss, Congqiang Liu, Jian Hu, 

Multivariate statistical and lead isotopic analyses approach to identify heavy metal sources in topsoil from the industrial zone of Beijing Capital Iron Steel Factory 

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 

2017, 24:14877–14888 

Guangxu Zhu,Qingjun Guo, Huayun Xiao, Tongbin Chen, Jun Yang 

Nitrogen concentrations and nitrogen isotopic compositions in leaves of Cinnamomum Camphora and Pinus massoniana (Lamb.) for indicating atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Guiyang (SW China) 

Atmospheric Environment 

2017, (159): 1-10 

Xu Y, Xiao H Y*,Qu L L 

Occurrence and airesoil exchange of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls at a CAWNET background site in central China: Implications for influencing factors and fate 


186 (2017) 475-487 

Lingxi Zhan a, Tian Lin b, Zuwu Wang a, Zhineng Cheng c, Gan Zhang c, Xiaopu Lyu a, Hairong Cheng a, * 

Occurrence and mobility of toxic elements in coals from endemic fluorosis areas in the Three Gorges Region, SW China 



Xiong, Yan; Xiao, Tangfu; Liu, Yizhang; Zhu, Jianming; Ning, Zengping; Xiao, Qingxiang 

Optimization of the photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of landfill leachate using copper and nitrate co-doped TiO2 (Ti) by response surface methodology 


2017,12(7): e0171234 

Zhou X., Zhou S.Q*, Feng X 

Particulate-phase mercury emissions from biomass burning and impact on resulting deposition: a modelling assessment. 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 

2017, 17, 1881–1899. 

De Simone F*., Artaxo P. , Bencardino M., Cinnirella C., Carbone F., D’Amore F., Dommergue A., Feng X.B., Gencarelli C.N., Hedgecock I. M., Landis M.S., Sprovieri F., Suzuki S., W?ngberg I., Pirrone N.  

Petrology, mineralogy, porosity, and cosmic-ray exposure history of Huaxi ordinary chondrite 

Meteorit Planet Sci 

52(5): 937-48 

Shijie Li, Shijie Wang, Ingo Leya, Yang Li, Xiongyao Li, Smith T.  

Photo-flocculation of microbial mat extracellular polymeric substances and their transformation into transparent exopolymer particles 

Scientific Reports 

7(1): 9074 

Shammi, M., X. Pan, K. M. G. Mostofa, D. Zhang and C.-Q. Liu 

Photosynthetic response of two okra cultivars under salt stress and re-watering 

Journal of Plant Interactions 

2017, 12(1):67-77 

Ahmad Azeem, Yanyou Wu*, Deke Xing, Qaiser Javed, Ikram Ullah 

Quality of tube well water intended for irrigation and human consumption with special emphasis on arsenic contamination

at the area of Punjab, Pakistan 

Environmental Geochemistry and Health 

2017, 39:847-836 

Atta Rasool . Tangfu Xiao. Abida Farooqi. Muhammad Shafeeque.

Yizhang Liu. Muhammad Aqeel Kamran . Ioannis A. Katsoyiannis .

Syed Ali Musstjab Akber Shah Eqani 

Quantitative assessment of the impacts of climate change and human activities on runoff changes in a typical Karst River Basin, SW China 

Science of the Total Environment 

601-202(1): 1449-65 

Luhua Wu. Shijie Wang,Xiaoyong Bai*.  

Rapid and sensitive method for determining free amino acids in plant tissue by high-performance liquid chromatography with ?uorescence detection 

Acta Geochim 

2017,36(4): 680-696 

Zheng N J, Xiao H Y*, Zhang Z Y, Gao X F, Zhao J J 

Rare earth elements in parasol mushroom Macrolepiota procera 

Food Chemistry 

2017, 221:24-28 

Falandysz J*., Sapkota A., Medyk M., Feng, XB. 

Rare earth elements in street dust and associated health risk in a municipal industrial base of central China. 

Environmental Geochemistry and Health 

2017, 39(6): 1469-1486. 

Sun G., Li Z.*, Liu T., Chen J., Wu T., Feng X. 

Recovery of gallium from Bayer red mud through acidic-leaching-ion-exchange process under normal atmospheric pressure 


2018; 175: 124-132  

Lu FH, Xiao TF*, Lin J, Li AJ, Long Q, Huang F, Xiao LH, Li X, Wang JW, Xiao QX,  

Reply to comments by Sanjay K. Mukhopadhyay, Sucharita Pal, J. P. Shrivastava on the paper by Sial et al. (2016) Mercury enrichments and Hg isotopes in Cretaceouse Paleogene boundary successions: Links to volcanism and palaeoenvironmental impacts 

Cretaceous Research 

2017, 76: 84-88 

Sial, A. N., Chen, Jiubin, Lacerda, L. D., Frei, R., Tewari, V. C., Pandit, M. K., Gaucher, C., Ferreira, V. P., Cirilli, S., Peralta, S., Korte, C., Barbosa, J. A., Pereira, N. S. 

Research progress on aging of organic pollutants in geosorbents: a review 

Acta Geochimica 


An Xianjin; Xiao Baohua; Di Xinyue; Dong Hui; Tang Haiming 

Response of okra based on electrophysiological modeling under salt stress and re-watering 

Biosci. J.  

201733(5), 1219-1229 

Ahmad Azeem, Yanyou Wu*, Deke Xing, Qaiser Javed, Ikram Ullah, Francis Kumi 

Response of Soil Microbial Communities to Elevated Antimony and Arsenic Contamination Indicates the Relationship between the Innate Microbiota and Contaminant Fractions 

Environmental Science Technology  

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